OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones: Clarity vs. Bass

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Picking a headphone is kind of the same as determining what personality you have. Definitely, headphone quality can be subjective, but if you limit the choice based on what you like in terms of sound, then it can be objective. The same can be said with the OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones.

We are going to take a look at its features, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with using it. As we go on with this review, you will realize why it is crucial for you to know your sound preference.

Are you still not sure what we are talking about? Read on to find out.

The OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones

OneOdio Adapter-free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones, Professional Studio Monitor & Mixing, Telescopic Arms with Scale, Newest 50mm Neodymium Drivers- Glossy Finsh

The overall design of this headphone is a combination of grandeur and comfort. A single look at it and you will immediately think that it is a luxury item. It has the perfect balance of black combined with different finishes. What really takes the design over the edge is the addition of its brightly colored red accessories.

The OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones is truly a sight to look at. Definitely, it is the perfect mix of looking sophisticated and being serious about music quality. In terms of the sound quality, its 50 mm unit drivers for the speakers help the sound to come out crisp and clear.

As for the bass, the measure of impedance makes it come out strong but not too distorted. However, as it is mainly used for DJ mixing and other similar activities, its build is not really for handling too much bass. Instead, its features concentrate on tone clarity.

At the same time, you will find it easy to wear this for long periods of time because it offers a very comfortable fit. Not only that, but its headband is also adjustable and the ear cups can be rotated to a certain degree.

The length of the cables are also pretty decent so you have a bit of moving space. Lastly, you can use this for a lot of other audio devices that support the most common formats such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and other audio devices.

OneOdio Adapter-free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones, Professional Studio Monitor & Mixing, Telescopic Arms with Scale, Newest 50mm Neodymium Drivers- Glossy Finsh
  • SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY: Enjoy superb, balanced sound and supreme comfort with the OneOdio Studio monitor headphones. Large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers combined with neodymium magnets provides stereo Hi-Fi level sound; powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form perfect balanced sound.
  • BUILT TO STAY COMFORTABLE: The high quality padded ear cushions are specifically designed for monitor headphones maximum comfort and noise isolation. The headband is adjustable and stretchable for you to find the desired angle you like to fit in.
  • NO MORE ADAPTER: A long, DJ-style 9.8-foot cord easily reaches from the TV or stereo to your favorite chair. A standard-sized 6.3mm plug and a 3.5mm plug are included. They both are completely detachable, so that you don't need to spend all hours of the day plugged into your mixer. 25ft Adapter free cable :
  • SINGLE-SIDE MONITORING: 90° swiveling earcups for single-ear monitoring anytime; self-adjustable and flexible headband delivers a fatigue-free listening experience that can last for hours, perfect for mastering and mixing.
  • WORKS WITH: iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android and many other audio devices. High-quality sound, supreme durability, and maximum comfort. These are the headphones you've been looking for.[2-Year Warranty]


  • Looks nice and has a good fit
  • Has a strong noise isolation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be easily folded
  • High bass is perfect
  • Clear and crisp sound
  • Lightweight


  • Quality of low bass is not good
  • Not that durable
  • Cannot control vibrations
  • Problems with wireless connectivity
  • Sound leaks out
  • Hints of static
  • Can be too small for some people

Summary of the Features

For all of its remarkable features, it is clear that this headphone can deliver high-quality sound for long periods. In addition to its functionalities, it also comes in a very sophisticated look that is perfect for both leisure and professional use. Here are its many features:

The OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones comes with:

  • 50 mm drivers
  • 8 feet cord
  • 3 mm and 3.5 mm plugs
  • 32 ohms measure of impedance
  • 110dB +- 3dB measure of sensitivity
  • 20Hz to 20 KHz frequency response
  • 300mW max power
  • 30mW rating power
  • Coiled cable 2 m to 3 m
  • 2 m cable with mic

Comparison with the ToHayie Wired Stereo Headphones

If you are not that familiar with the ToHayie Wired Stereo Headphones and the OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones, you will almost not be able to tell them apart. They have the same look and even the same color palette. On the part of the one from ToHayie, its biggest difference from the other brand is that it is not wireless.

But then again, being wired does not exactly constitute being inferior. In fact, the one from ToHayie actually has almost the same unit drivers as with the one from OneOdio. As a result, both of these headphones can provide a clear and crisp sound. Additionally, just like the one from OneOdio, it has a very customizable headband. The same goes for the ear cups.

So, what sets them apart?

Besides the unit driver power, they also differ in filtering out the noise. On the part of the OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones, there is noise isolation and a bit of noise cancellation. Its higher number of unit drivers also help it to deliver a much clearer sound.

On the other hand, the one from ToHayie can sometimes cannot even determine the internal sound from the noise of the background. Unfortunately, the end result is that you get a lot of muffled sounds. If this is the case for pure sound, what more if you turn up the bass?

The sound that will come out will surely ruin your ears if you use the one from ToHayie. Therefore, it is now clear which one is the better over-ear headphone, right?

The Verdict

The OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones is worth checking out if your concern is mostly with clear tones and notes. With that said, we are definitely saying that if you are going to purchase this for just regular listening to music, you will not be able to appreciate its unique features.

People who are in the music industry can truly differentiate the tonal quality that this headphone can give compared to those who just listen to music for the heck of it. Additionally, if you take a quick look at the pros and cons, they somehow balance each other out.

So you really have to know what type of audio quality you are looking for. If you are a bass person, then this headphone might not be for you. On the other hand, if you love listening to acoustic music, then this will be the perfect headphone to use.

In all honesty, this would have been the perfect headphone were it not for the fact that it can be a little flimsy. With that in mind, you really have to be careful with this. A quick solution is for you not to remove it from your head while you are working on something. Surely, this will not be a problem because it is extremely comfortable to wear.



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